Coming out of Stealth Mode

I have been quiet about Animal Well recently, but the past year has been the most eventful yet. I began working with the illustrious Dan Adelman, who is now helping me with business and marketing. I quit my day job to focus on Animal Well full time. And then finally yesterday, during the PlayStation Indies event, we officially announced that it will be coming to PS5 and Steam! The response so far has been incredible. Also, you should Wishlist it -- because apparently it is very important to the Steam visibility algorithms.

Then there were other cool things that happened:

-  I wrote a post on the PlayStation Blog discussing the atmosphere and world design, and people seem to be resonating with it.

- The announcement is already getting some great coverage! In addition to a bunch of sites covering the press release and announcement trailer,  IGN did an amazing gameplay preview which I highly recommend watching if you want to actually understand how the game is played.

We just setup a Discord server. It is in it's infancy right now, but I expect it to grow over time. I will be sharing things during development, answering questions, and maybe even asking people to playtest at some point.

This is just the beginning! There are more exciting things in the works, that I can't talk about quite yet. But I will try to keep everyone updated, best I can. I have been working on this game for well over four years, and I can't wait for people to finally play it.